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What you will be learning

Adobe Illustrator is the preferred program among many artists and designers. This is mainly because it differs from Photoshop and other raster programs by using mathematical algorithms or vector line art to create the illusion of drawing. Think about spending a long time on the design of a logo for a client. Now, that client wants to enlarge their logo enough to cover the entire side of a building in NYC. If you designed it using Illustrator - your work is done! If you designed it in Photoshop, however, chances are you'll have to re-create it in high resolution. This is the fundamental difference between vector and rastor designing. Each has it's pros...and cons.

While mastering the program is considered difficult by most, knowing the basics is paramount. Whether you are just starting, or a've probably seen Illustrator before. The following tutorials are designed for people with an understanding of raster vs. vector images, as well as a general knowledge of the Illustrator interface. -Vision Outpost Team