Let the Learning Begin

President's Message

So, you've decided to take the next step and do some learning on your own. Let us be the first to welcome you to the club! This section of Vision Outpost is dedicated to the self-learner, the "do whatever-it-takes to get ahead" types who refuse to settle only for what is taught in the classroom.


Far be it from us to determine what is worth learning. The beautiful thing about this day and age is the endless supply of resources at your disposal to learn all sorts of interesting skills. The only limitation to the amount of those resources, however, is the daunting task of organizing them. For instance, one tutorial may be written in a completely different way from another, while both teach the same thing.

Our tutorials section is classified by types of learning modules to help keep you organized and focused. The lessons range from basic xhtml to advanced Adobe™ software techniques and are constantly being updated. As mentioned, you can find fantastic tutorials for just about anything on the web. Think of this place, however, as a great starting point...and possibly even where you end up time and time again. Unlike most other learner sites that allow users to upload their own tutorials, each of ours will follow the same format, making them much easier to navigate.


Even the best of the best need to get their inspiration from somewhere. This section will provide you with several examples of sites which incorporate many of the eventual skills you will learn by using our tutorials.